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Our Mission

The mission of EdTrust–NY is to eliminate the gaps in equity and opportunity that hold back too many students from reaching their full potential, especially those who are low-income or students of color, in order to enable all students in New York State to achieve at high levels — from early childhood through college.

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Our Core Beliefs


A student’s zip code and starting circumstances do not have to determine her future.

Education has the transformative power to close the opportunity gaps that separate far too many students of color and students from low-income households in New York from their white and more affluent peers.


Education neither begins with pre-kindergarten nor ends when a student earns a high school diploma.

Closing the opportunity gap requires highly organized and aligned policies and initiatives across multiple sectors (public, private, and nonprofit), built on a coordinated commitment to high levels of achievement for all children and extending from early childhood through college completion and participation in the workforce.


All students can and will learn at high levels when they are taught at high levels.


New York’s education system must foster empathy and provide opportunities for students who have left the system to reconnect with school and participate fully in their own education.

School districts must meet students where they are to ensure they not only earn a diploma but have ample opportunities for success after graduation, whatever their goals may be.

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