Our Priorities


Growing momentum around early literacy in New York

Across the nation, 45 states are increasingly focusing on the science of reading, a proven, evidence-based approach to reading instruction, through curriculum and teacher preparation programs, as a solution to improve student reading outcomes. The Campaign’s priorities revolve around making New York one of these states.

As cited in Ed Trust–NY’s Call to Action report, there is growing interest and concern from parents, caregivers, educators, and community leaders regarding New York trailing the nation in student reading outcomes and policies aligned with evidence-based classroom instruction.

However, in 2023 and 2024 we have seen encouraging progress in New York State, such as:

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a proposed state investment in a ‘Back to Basics’ plan, which will help to ensure that districts across the state are providing evidence-based literacy instruction to all students, while also helping provide educators with the training and resources to implement these changes in the classroom.

New York City Public Schools publicly committed to improving early literacy curriculum and professional learning for educators, literacy instruction, and reading outcomes.

Leaders at SUNY and SUNY New Paltz announced that the school will establish the Science of Reading Center of Excellence and a microcredential program, which will build knowledge of the science of reading in New York State’s educator pipeline.

The Hunt Institute selected the New York State Department of Education to participate in the Path Forward program, an initiative that helps state and education leaders rethink how teacher preparation programs in higher education approach literacy instruction.

While these are encouraging steps, more can be done to improve student early literacy outcomes.

Campaign Policy Priorities

The Campaign will harness members’ collective experiences and expertise to develop strategy and work toward the following policy priorities.

State incentives for districts to shift to high-quality, evidence-based curricula and instructional materials

State funding for professional learning and micro-credential programs aligned to the science of reading

State funding to create an accessible toolkit of evidence-based practices for parents and caregivers to support their child’s reading development

Improved transparency regarding literacy materials used in classrooms