Arlen Benjamin-Gomez named executive director of The Education Trust–New York

Mar 21, 2024 | Press Release

NEW YORK – The Education Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Arlen Benjamin-Gomez as executive director of The Education Trust–New York. She will lead the organization’s progressive policy and advocacy agenda focused on educational equity for all New York students from birth through higher education and into the workforce.

“Education is fundamental to democracy and self-determination. When students of color and those from low-income backgrounds are systematically under-educated, we rob generations of kids from reaching their full potential,” said Arlen Benjamin-Gomez, executive director of The Education Trust-New York. “The Education Trust–New York has an exceptional track record of securing legislative and policy wins that advance equity—from expanding the Empire State Child Credit to include children under the age of four, to improving access to advanced coursework, particularly for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds, to advancing legislation that increases teacher diversity by supporting “Grow Your Own” initiatives. I look forward to working with families and equity warriors across the state to advance this work and am dedicated to systemic change, both as an advocate and a parent of children in New York City public schools.”

Prior to joining Ed Trust–NY, Arlen worked as an education equity advocate and policymaker for more than 20 years, deeply rooted in the fabric of New York. She recently served as an education equity advisor and consultant, collaborating closely with states, districts, and nonprofit organizations to propel racial, socioeconomic, and cultural equity in education. Her expertise and leadership have been instrumental in advancing critical initiatives around district and school integration, culturally responsive and sustaining education, and legal rights to education as the senior director of legal strategy and policy at the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia University.

Before her time at Columbia University, Arlen dedicated her efforts as a fellow at the Regents Research Fund, focusing on policy, curriculum, assessment, and grant programs aimed at enhancing educational services and bilingual education for Multilingual Learners in New York. Her roots in advocacy were further established during her tenure as a staff attorney at Advocates for Children in the Immigrant Students’ Rights Project, where she championed educational opportunities for immigrant and Multilingual Learner students and families.

Arlen holds a J.D. from New York University Law School and a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Born in Cuba and raised in San Francisco, Arlen has made New York her home. Dedicated to improving the public education system in New York state, Arlen is a long-time equity advocate and parent of two New York City public school students.

“We are thrilled to welcome Arlen Benjamin-Gomez to the Ed Trust team,” said Denise Forte, president and CEO of The Education Trust. “For more than two decades, Arlen has worked to drive meaningful change in education. Her dedication and passion will undoubtedly advance our mission to be fierce advocates for equity-centered policies and practices that benefit the students of New York.”

“Read Alliance welcomes Arlen Benjamin-Gomez as the new executive director of Ed Trust–NY. Her demonstrated commitment to educational equity and her extensive experience standing up and standing for marginalized children in various ways throughout her career make her uniquely qualified to lead this impactful organization,” said Danielle Guindo, executive director of Read Alliance.

“We are thrilled Arlen Benjamin-Gomez has joined Ed Trust–NY,” said Evan Stone, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Educators for Excellence. “Arlen’s appointment is a testament to her lifelong commitment to education equity, we look forward to partnering with her to continue the important work that Ed Trust–NY has been leading to improve the quality of education across New York.”