Invest in Ed Trust–NY’s collective advocacy this Giving Tuesday

Nov 28, 2023 | Blog

The Education Trust–New York is an advocacy and policy organization, passionately advancing major, systemic changes that will impact students today and for generations to come.

With your support this Giving Tuesday our work can continue to advance educational justice in New York State.

Our team works tirelessly to advance systemic changes incrementally – taking one step at a time until, eventually, we can look back to see how far we have come. For instance, this year, we celebrated several bills that were passed in the New York State Senate and Assembly that will create a better and more equitable future for students, children, and their families. These policy wins include movement on teacher diversity, students’ access to advanced coursework, child care accessibility, and making the Empire State Child Tax credit more inclusive.

Years before each policy change, we strengthened relationships in communities, formed coalitions of partners, and established a foundation of knowledge, expertise, and resources from which to build our collective advocacy.

Ed Trust–NY’s advocacy is not a quick fix – rather a deep and meaningful investment of time and resources to yield changes that help over 2 million New York students access high-quality, equitable opportunities in education from early childhood education, to K-12, through college and career.

Our advocacy would not be possible without the generous support of donors. Your support allows us to continue pushing for progress to advance equity and justice in education.

Please make a Giving Tuesday contribution today to support our work across New York. We know there are many organizations to consider, and we appreciate your support of Ed Trust–NY, as our work is based on collaboration and collective action.