The New York Financial Aid for College Completion Project


High schools can make a significant difference in helping low-income, immigrant, and first-generation college hopefuls complete the FAFSA and other state financial aid applications.

Research shows that 90% of high school seniors who complete the FAFSA go to college immediately after graduation compared to just 55% of seniors who do not complete the FAFSA. And New Yorkers are missing out on an estimated $152 million in federal financial aid by not filling out the FAFSA, plus additional resources they could have received from New York State TAP grants, NYS DREAM Act support, and Excelsior Scholarships. The Financial Aid for College: High School Toolkit provides all the resources schools need to support students and families to apply for every dollar of financial aid for which they qualify.  

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Celebrate the 2020-2021 FAFSA Winners

The FAFSA Completion Challenge is designed to positively recognize high schools for high FAFSA completion rates and for improvements in FAFSA completion rates.

Despite the challenge that came with supporting students with financial college aid applications while many schools were operating remotely, the 12 winners of Ed Trust–NY’s 2021 FAFSA Completion Challenge found innovative ways to support students in successfully completing FAFSA applications.

FAFSA Completion Data for High Schools & School Districts

Completing the FAFSA is a critical step on the path to college. 

Financial Aid for College: High School Toolkit

Extensive research shows that high schools can make a significant difference in helping college hopefuls who are low-income, immigrants, and first-generation college students complete the FAFSA and other New York State financial aid applications.

In this toolkit, you’ll find 10 evidence-based best practices your school can use to support all eligible seniors and their families to complete their FAFSA, NYS Application for TAP, NYS DREAM Act, and Excelsior Scholarship applications.

Let’s make sure no senior in New York misses out on a single dollar of the financial aid for which they qualify! Explore our resources for school leaders.