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The Urgency of Now

2021 Policy Priorities: Ensuring equity from early childhood through college completion

Advancing Equity for Our Youngest New Yorkers

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed New York’s long tenuous child care system to the brink, increased financial instability for infants and toddlers and their families, and demonstrated the impact that proven support programs have on the development of our youngest children.

Advancing Equity in K-12 Education

This school year has been exceptionally challenging, with the ongoing effects of COVID-19 exacerbating pre-existing inequities in our K-12 education system and the national reckoning with systemic racism highlighting the critical need to ensure equity is at the core as we recover from the dual pandemics. Read how state leaders can take to build back a stronger and more equitable K-12 system.

Advancing Equity in Higher Education

Now more than ever, economic opportunity and financial security are intertwined with educational attainment. As New York State works to recover from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the REACH NY network of civil rights, student-serving, veteran, and education organizations calls on state leaders to prioritize equity in higher education by addressing the disparities in postsecondary opportunity and success for first-generation college students and other historically underserved students — including students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. Read four steps that state leaders can take in 2021.