South Kortright Central School in the Southern Tier offers its students several opportunities to complete the FAFSA on site at the school with assistance from counselors and college financial aid officers.

Those efforts have helped drive an estimated 74 percent FAFSA completion rate as of February 1, among the highest in its region.

Each year the school hosts a FAFSA completion night, where representatives from SUNY Delhi’s financial aid department are available to answer questions and assist families with the process. The school is small, with about two dozen students in this year’s senior class, and most of the seniors complete the forms that night.

“We’re small, so we can provide them a lot of individual attention,” said School Counselor Jessica Morton. “I know all of the seniors by name, where they applied, what they’re thinking, what their major is going to be. We have that kind of relationship.”

The school heavily promotes the event on social media, as well as by directly contacting parents to encourage attendance.

“I tell them ‘You’re coming and you’re completing it,’” Morton said. “They know it’s a working night. They show up, they know they’re going to complete the FAFSA – and TAP – that night.”

The school also offers seniors the opportunity to take a transitions class, where they have a dedicated time during the school day to complete college applications and get help applying for financial aid and scholarships.