Supporting our equity advocates in Buffalo

by | May 18, 2022 | Blog

The Buffalo massacre reminds us why we must remain steadfast in the fight for racial and socioeconomic justice – fiercely and with the greatest urgency. Our students are watching and they require a more equitable, just, and inclusive society, which is a guiding light for the work we do daily, alongside our incredible partners.  

The Education Trust–New York works closely with partners in Buffalo who have spent decades fighting for more equity both in the city’s education system and throughout their communities. As such, our coalitions offer a unique community of support for our brothers and sisters in Buffalo.  

During a difficult time like this, we want to uplift the incredible work of our Buffalo partners and how you can support their work — whether that is through monetary donations, uplifting their work, or simply a kind word or gesture you stand in solidarity. We hope you’ll join us in investing resources, time, and attention into creating a more equitable and just future for all. 

Our Buffalo Partners You Can Support 

Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology
Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) provides resilient learners needing targeted supports with educational and career-centered opportunities in an environment of hope and discovery. Through an arts and technology afterschool program, they motivate high school youth to stay in school, explore their creativity and identity, and plan for their future. Additionally, BCAT offers a workforce program for adults in healthcare, information technology, and more.  Learn more and donate here. 

Buffalo Immigrant Leadership Team
BILT’s mission is to develop leaders within this immigrant and refugee community and equip them to address issues that are impacting their lives, thereby creating thriving communities where everyone can reach their full potential. Learn more and donate here. 

Buffalo Niagara Partnership
The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is the area’s regional chamber of commerce and privately-funded economic development organization. By mobilizing members and strategic partners around common goals, the Partnership grows private investment and jobs in Buffalo Niagara through advocacy, business development, and convening.  

The BNP has seen an outpouring of support and offers of aid from local businesses and the Buffalo Niagara community as a whole recently and is working with the City of Buffalo to help coordinate efforts to assist in recovery for the victims’ families and the wider community. Learn how you can help. 

Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network
Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network empowers women, fathers, and families to take charge of bettering their family health and well-being by providing education, support, advocacy, and connection to resources and services in WNY. The work of Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network is dedicated to honoring the dignity and capacity of individuals and communities and promoting health equity. Programs include home visiting, a maternal-infant health community collaborative, and a responsible fatherhood initiative. Learn more and donate here.

Buffalo Urban League 
The Buffalo Urban League empowers African Americans, other minorities, and disadvantaged individuals to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights. The Buffalo Urban League focuses its programs on supporting individuals from birth through senior years including but not limited to: foster care education, parent education, family counseling, community development, navigating housing options, workforce development, job training and employment, mental health supports, and more. Learn more and donate here.

Community Action Organization of Western New York
The Community Action Organization of Western New York is a non-profit that serves over 50,000 individuals and families annually. From early childhood, youth, adult and family, drug abuse research and treatment, COVID-19 relief services, and more, CAO helps low-income individuals, families, and communities find the resources, tools, and support they need. To do so, CAO collaborates with members and organizations within the Buffalo community to build a safety net that empowers clients to take control of their lives moving forward.   

Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo
The Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo helps individuals, families, and organizations make their charitable goals a reality. Moreover, the foundation has started a community response fund which offers two ways for you to financially support Buffalo. First, the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund, which will support the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy. Second, the Buffalo Together Community Response Fund, which will address needs beyond those directly affected. Learn more and donate here. 

EPIC — Every Person Influences Children
EPIC provides research-based and evidence-informed year-round programming in: parenting education, youth services, family engagement in education, and professional development. Their family engagement work strives to provide services for parents that support the academic success of their children. EPIC’s family engagement model also helps to build the parents’ capacity to be advocates and leaders for their children, the school, and the community. While EPIC focuses primarily on parents, they also offer workshops in developing character in students, Pre-K through 8th grade; and social, emotional and life skills workshops for teens. Learn more and donate here. 

Say Yes to Education – Buffalo
The mission of the Say Yes Buffalo partnership is to remove barriers to educational attainment, workforce participation, and economic mobility for students in public and charter schools in Buffalo. Say Yes Buffalo organizes early childhood programs, mental health supports, mentoring, after school and summer camps, and Breaking Barriers — a youth leadership council of young men of color who develop personal and collective leadership skills to advocate for racial equity, social justice, and policy change. Learn more and donate here.  

Open Buffalo
Open Buffalo advances racial, economic, and ecological justice through skill building, network connecting, and activating leadership opportunities. The Open Buffalo team trains residents to mobilize their communities around equity issues and to take on leadership roles in community, nonprofit, and government sectors through two categories of programming:  Leadership Development and Advocacy and Organizing.  Learn more and donate here. 

Most Valuable Parents of Buffalo
Most Valuable Parents (MVP) is an organized body of parents and organizations who stand in unity to make Buffalo a better and safer place to live. MVP works predominately with Buffalo’s East Side by providing life skills training, community outreach, supportive living, youth and community programs.  Learn more and donate here. 

VOICE Buffalo
The mission of VOICE Buffalo is to faithfully bring forth social justice in equity in the Buffalo region through organized, collective action. Current campaigns include: restorative justice, police reform, prison reform, formerly incarcerated rehabilitation, accessibility and disability, and more. Learn more and donate to their community relief efforts.