Grow Your Own initiatives make moves in the NYS Legislature

Jun 6, 2023 | Blog

New York’s educator workforce does not come close to matching the rich diversity of our state’s students. Research is clear that having teachers of color improves outcomes for all students and we support investments that advance recruitment and retention of educators of color.

As such, Ed Trust–NY supports legislation that will increase teacher diversity in New York State, and we’re celebrating the movement of a particular bill (A68A/S2140B) that passed the Senate and Assembly and now awaits the final steps in the process.

The bill would direct the New York State commissioner of education, in consultation with higher education institutions, to issue guidance for school districts and boards of cooperative educational services to help school districts develop “Grow Your Own” initiatives. The guidance will include, but not be limited to:

  • How to find ways to attract underrepresented candidates into the teaching profession, such as current teacher assistants and students in teacher preparation programs;
  • How to create initiatives aimed at developing an early recruitment pipeline beginning in secondary school;
  • How to establish partnerships between school districts, community-based organizations, and institutions of higher education to encourage and support underrepresented candidates to enter and remain in the teaching profession; and
  • How to identify existing funding sources available to school districts to attract and retain underrepresented candidates into the teaching profession.

We look forward to seeing this bill continue to move forward. Please take a moment to thank the bill’s sponsors Assembly Member Nader Sayegh and Senator John C. Liu for championing this effort through this automated form.