We are stuck at home today

All we do is wash hands and pray 

That one day we will return to normal. 


We sit in quarantine wondering when it will end 

Wanting to see our friends again 

But everything is on hold. 


We heal with our families 

At 7 we clap with the crowd 

But there is still something missing. 


We are all bubbling up in our homes 

Wanting to do something, go somewhere 

But there is nowhere to go. 


Cars and trucks usually rumble down my street, but now the roads are empty  

Families have picnics and games in the park out my window, but now the park is bare 

Everything is lonely and everyone is gone. 


I never realized how much I missed those sights. 


Where there are usually dogs barking and skateboards grinding there is silence 

Where there are usually kids squealing and the squeaking of swings there is quiet 

The turf is hushed. 


I never realized how much I missed those sounds. 


Normal will never be the same  

We will never act the same 

We will never think the same. 


We are stuck at home today  

With our families together 

Standing together, 


 Emeka Guindo is a sixth-grade student at Brooklyn School of Inquiry