Communities and school districts across New York have signed up for the My Brother’s Keeper challenge, launching programs aimed at supporting students of color throughout their education.

Now, the New York State Education Department is highlighting how these programs are benefiting students.

The social media campaign #ChangingTheNarrative will highlight MBK programs across the state by inviting students, parents, and educators to share how the initiative is affecting their community.

In 2016, New York became the first state to enact an MBK initiative into law, committing $20 million to programs aimed at supporting boys and young men of color. Many young women of color also participate in programs across the state.

That investment has secured more resources to ensure equitable access to high quality schools and programs, comprehensive support services, and family and community engagement. It also aims to support students with differentiated and culturally responsive programs.

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Interested in joining the campaign? Tweet your reflection on how MBK is making a difference in your community with #ChangingTheNarrative and tag @NYSEDNews and @EdTrustNY.